Professional Leather Hand Bag


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This is for you who wants a classic yet fashionable bag. The attachment straps falls beautifully over the front of the bag and the unique handle of braided leather adds a nice elegant touch. Comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap and lots of pockets for your most important belongings. Made from soft premium leather.

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Fashion leather bag details
  1. Durable yet soft leather.
  2. Adjustable should strap. Use it if you want to hang it over your shoulder or simply remove it if you prefer carrying the bag in your hand.
  3. Attachment strap snaps on with a magnet. Adds a nice touch to the front of the bag.
  4. Twist turn lock of brushed steel to protect your belongings!
  5. Heavy-duty zipper to close the inside of your bag.
  1. Pocket for headphones, makeup, mirrors, pens etc.
  2. Pocket for smartphones etc.
  3. Pocket with zipper (not visible in picture).
  4. Large back pocket with zipper (not visible in picture).
  5. Adjust the bags depth depending on how much stuff you keep in it.
  6. Unique handle of braided leather (not visible in picture).

Premium Leather & Brushed Steel Details.


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