Orange handbag with braided leather


2 995 kr

I wanted to make a classic handbag with unique and modern details. This is the result. The leather is carefully braided by hand to make every bag unique. Comfortably carry the bag in your hand or in the bend of the arm with the rounded handles – or use the adjustable (and removable) shoulder strap to carry it over your shoulder. I have packed this bag with lots of pockets for all your beloved belongings. So it’s not only beautiful – it’s functional too :)

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Braided leather handbag details
  1. Hand braided leather.
  2. Adjustable should strap. Attach to use it as a shoulder bag or detach if you feel like using it as a handbag.
  3. Heavy-duty everlasting zipper.
  4. Pocket for headphones, makeup, mirrors, pens etc (not visible in picture)
  1. Pocket for smartphones etc (not visible in picture).
  2. Pocket with zipper (not visible in picture).
  3. 2nd pocket with zipper (not visible in picture).
  4. Side pocket on both sides for easy access.