Handmade Brown Leather Bag


2 495 kr

Be elegant and bold with this everyday bag made from the finest quality materials I could find. The inside is packed with usable pockets, so now you can stop searching for your keys in one disordered pocket. One middle pocket separates the inside of the bag into two sides and each side has its own pockets. Good, huh? Made from soft yet durable leather.

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Lether handbag with many pockets
  1. Soft and sustainable leather.
  2. Adjustable should strap. Attach to use it as a shoulder bag or detach if you feel like using it as a handbag.
  3. Heavy-duty everlasting zipper.
  4. Pocket for headphones, makeup, mirrors, pens etc (not visible in picture)
  1. Pocket for smartphones etc (not visible in picture).
  2. Pocket with zipper (not visible in picture).
  3. 2nd pocket with zipper (not visible in picture).
  4. Side pocket on both sides for easy access.
  5. Comfortable handle for those long days.